Network Issue fix


Network Issue fix


Network Issue fix

We will troubleshooting and fix any network problems

If you can’t get email, browse the web, or stream music, chances are you’re not connected to your network and can’t get onto the internet, we can help.

NO HOURLY RATES, our rates are fixed. This is why we offer a pay-as-you-go service that allows customers to literally pay per IT request, when you need help we will provide a fast and cost-effective solution.

A TECH2DESK expert IT technician will securely log-onto your desktop or laptop remotely (with your permission) and will conduct an update on your Windows 10 operating system, anywhere you are.


How does the TECH2DESK network issue fix my PC

Network issues? we can quickly resolve them, and help to prevent them from reoccurring again

Network issues are irritating and frustrating to handle on your own, but if not handled they can spell out disaster when they happen on a business or home network. While you should be able to fix most network issues, you can save a lot of time by letting our expert team at TECH2DESK resolve them for you professionally. Here re some of the most common network issues that you may be experiencing.

  • Network viruses can completely disable a computer network, so this is the first issue we’re going to tackle. There can be a number of causes of computer viruses. Viruses can come from a wide range of sources, such as e-mail attachments, malicious software, online advertisements, and yes, even social media.
  • Using a wireless network is great for mobility, but can hinder your productivity when it decides to malfunction. There are a few different reasons why your wireless network is having connectivity issues, such as the wireless router or the network card itself. This issue will require a bit of network troubleshooting to find a solution, so we will get to work and resolve them for you.
  • A small error window just popped up on your screen saying that your IP address is already in use. How is this even possible and what causes this IP address conflict? Well, there are a few reasons why this can happen. At our networking experts will resolve them quickly and effectively.
  • Why is my computer so slow? Slow-running applications can put a damper on your productivity in the workplace. One of the most common network issues that business and home networks fight with is slow applications. This happens especially when a computer first turns on or connects to a network. In most cases, this is caused by heavy bandwidth usage. In other instances, it can be caused by lack of hard drive space, running too many applications at once, having too many browser tabs open at one time, or even just a dusty room! Our team will find the solution and eradicate the route of the problem.
  • So, your network seems to have gone down. Your operating system has sent you an alert stating that the address was not received from the DHCP server. You’ve just checked the network adapter status and noticed that there’s actually no IP address to be found. What now?There are a few different reasons why this could happen. It could be that the DHCP server is out of addresses, the device might be set to use a static address rather than a DHCP address, or maybe the DHCP request from the device never made it to the server. Either way, we will resolve the issue.
  • Connection issues are some of the most annoying, frustrating network issues of all. These issues can be a result of all types of glitches and issues within the computer and/or the network itself. So, if your computer has handed you a lovely “Limited or no connectivity” error message, we can fix that.W


we fix your network issues

  • We will check the severity of the infection by running a complete network scan, find malicious files or programs and make sure that your antivirus and anti-malware programs are up to date and able to scan hidden files, the root directory, and all running programs. Also, we will setup your antivirus/anti-malware software to scan your e-mail inbox for any malicious materials.
  • We will Back up all of your system files using the necessary tools. Running a complete system backup will ensure that your data isn’t lost and that the network will remain stable. We will activate and test the Windows’ “System Restore” option this will allow you to set up a restoration that can often be useful in an emergency.
  • We will Confine all suspicious, irregular files. Isolating them will prevent their exchanging with other files or your network system. Then, disinfect or completely wipe all quarantined files. Manually delete any emails that were identified by your antivirus software.
  • We will assist in router issues and configuration thereof.
  • We will update the network card. Sometimes, your network card will receive a strong signal, but won’t be able to transmit it quickly and effectively resulting in the need for network troubleshooting. Updating the driver might solve the problem entirely.
  • We will ensure to enforce proper network use by making sure that users aren’t viewing too much digital content via streaming or continuously downloading large files. Doing so will help you keep your bandwidth use under control. However, if we  find that your employees are utilizing the network correctly, we may recommend that you upgrade your network to meet your business needs, and we will assist you in implementation thereof (additional costs may apply).
  • We will check on your hard drive and make sure that it’s not approaching the end of its lifespan. so we will run a hard drive check and advise you accordingly.
  • We will check the network interface card (NIC) and apply the necessary fixes.
  • We will check the switch to see which virtual LAN (VLAN) the port is set as a member. We will also verify that other devices on this particular VLAN are able to get an IP address.

Our Advanced system care will clean & optimize, to unlock your sluggish PC’s full potential and prevent privacy breach.

Operating systems supported:

a miniature toolbox or toolkit on a laptop keyboard to build, develop or repair

Think of us as your very own IT department, whatever support you need, we are here to help.

TECH2DESK aims to solve most of our support requests remotely, to ensure that the situation is resolved as quickly as possible.

Our business is making sure you can do yours.

TECH2DESK has multiple teams that specialize in different areas of IT, from our main help desk team to our server and software teams.

We have the skills and capabilities to help you in any technical situation. Here at TECH2DESK we monitor our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This monitoring services allows us to prevent many IT situations before they occur.

Pay as you go. No contracts.
No monthly fee. No Hourly Rates


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